NeuroSleep - NHMRC Centre for Translational Sleep and Circadian Neurobiology

NeuroSleep, the Centre for Translational Sleep and Circadian Neurobiology, opened in 2014 with $2.5 million in funding over five years from the National Health and Medical Research Council Centre of Research Excellence (CRE) scheme.

NeuroSleep’s aim is to improve cognition, workplace safety, and health outcomes in patients with sleep problems such as shift workers, patients with sleep disorders, neurodegenerative and/or mental health problems.

It will build on the success of two former Centres of Research Excellence led by Prof Ron Grunstein: Centre for Integrated Research and Understanding of Sleep (CIRUS, 2009 – 2013) and the CCRE in Respiratory and Sleep Medicine (2005-2009).

The collaborative team is made up of top researchers from the Woolcock Institute, Monash University, Neuroscience Research Australia, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Concord Repatriation General Hospital, and University of Sydney’s Brain & Mind Research Institute (BMRI) and Charles Perkins Centre.

NeuroSleep supports world-class interventional sleep health research aimed to inform clinical practice and alter health policy. NeuroSleep’s goal is to foster the next generation of sleep and neurobiological researchers and create research leaders.



December 21, 2016

NeuroSleep Funding Opportunities in 2017

Applications for research and training positions are invited for the following funded positions: Postgraduate research scholarships for research towards a higher degree supervised or co-supervised by a CRE investigator(s) at the participating institutions. Postdoctoral fellowships for those interested in a career in clinical sleep research.   Please see THIS page for further details and please feel free to circulate among your networks. Wishing you and your families all the best for a great break and a Happy New Year.

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August 12, 2016

NeuroSleep Clinic Now Open!

The NeuroSleep Clinic is now open! This is a collaborative effort between leading neurologists, sleep specialists, psychiatrists, geriatricians and others who have an interest in treating patients for neurological and psychiatric disorders that can affect sleep and how sleep may be associated with worsening of certain disorders. Read more here NeuroSleep Clinic

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January 30, 2016

2016 Funding Opportunities closed – please stay posted in late 2016/early 2017 for new opportunities!

NeuroSleep is pleased to announce that the call for applications for funding for postdoctoral fellowships and postgraduate scholarships is now open. Applications close Monday 15th February 2016. Please see here for more information.

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